Chabad of Grafton


Over the past years, the Peltz Center for Jewish Life
has expanded its programming to serve the growing Jewish population in Grafton, Wisconsin.

In addition to the many homes that we serve directly, Chabad of Grafton organizes events for the community.
They include: Friday Night Dinners, Passover Seders, Sukkah Celebrations,
Chanukah Celebrations, Menorah Lightings & Mezuzah Programs.

Contact Rabbi Moshe Luchins for more information about the following opportunities in Grafton:

Adult Education Classes.
Start a class on the weekly Torah portion, Hebrew reading, Jewish history or the Talmud.
(This can also be done in your home or office)

Shabbat Dinners.
Join other Jewish families in the Grafton area for a Shabbos Dinner.
Some of the Dinners will also include an enjoyable, easy to follow service.

Putting a Meuzuzah in your home or office.
Add the beauty of this Mitzvah to your home. We will be more than happy to put up the Mezuzah for you,
and explain to your family the meaning of this Mitzvah.

Activities for children.
Make the Holidays come alive with our fun-filled Holiday celebrations.
Light a Chanukah Menorah, sit in a sukkah, and enjoy Purim festivities at
our many new and exciting holiday programs for children. Parents welcome too!!

Meet The Jewish Community.
Participate in an pleasant social event at the homes of other Jewish families in the community.
Meet the beautiful Jewish community of young families and couples that are moving into the Grafton area.


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