Create A Jewish Legacy

In the spirit of Chabad’s inclusive philosophy, the Peltz Center is committed to "love every Jew, help every Jew and bring every Jewcloser to their Jewishness" by providing spiritual, educational, material and social support for all Jewish people, regardless of their origin, affiliation or degree of observance. Thus, families from many diverse backgrounds in Judaism have found a “home” and comfortable place to learn and grow in their spiritual journey and personal connection with G‑d and each other.

The Peltz Center lends a hand to those in need, educates those who are interested, and brings together a community of diverse individuals whose leadership and involvement is instrumental in producing events and projects. In the process, we have developed a unique and engaged community, whose members truly look after each other like family.

As the community and its needs continue to grow, we look forward to enhancing and expanding our reach to ignite the spark ofJudaism in the heart of every Jew in the Mequon area, through love and warmth. 

Our Legacy program insures that the sense of belonging and culture of family and community that is the Peltz Center will continue to embrace our children and future generations. Our Legacy donors are people like you who care deeply about these values. Please join us to insure that we maintain our unique community, instilling enthusiasm for Jewish Life in our youth and our availability to assist those in need, now and in the future. 

To leave a legacy donation as part of your will or for more information, please call Rabbi Menachem Rapoport at 262 242-7705 or email at [email protected].  

For the Declaration Form, please click here. Fill out the form, save the file to your computer and than either email to [email protected] or mail the form to CFJL.