Please join the women for a very informative and uplifting

Rosh Chodesh Society gathering

Wednesday, Iyar 3 - May 4th at 7:30 pm
at the home of Dinie Rapoport 

and on Zoom password 613613

  This RCS course will give us a deeper appreciation and understanding
of the Mitzvot that we do! 

Feel free to share this information with your friends
and reach out to Dinie, 
call or text 414.403.9775 
Looking forward to celebrating Rosh Chodesh Iyar
with learning, laughter, and growth together! 

The Kinds of Kindness
Sure it's nice to be nice, but sometimes you need specifics. Rather than relying on vague ethical pronouncements, the Torah gets into the nitty-gritty and ensures that we express our love in the concrete, with commandments like giving charity, hosting guests in the home, comforting the bereaved, and returning lost property.

Beyond simply studying how to properly perform these action mitzvot, this class presents them in a new light, making us rethink the general nature of the ethical obligations we bear toward our fellow human.