A Hebrew School Your Children Will Actually Love

The Avrohom and Chaya Sara Pelz Hebrew School is an innovative afternoon school with one goal: to provide Jewish children with a broad knowledge of Judaism in a stimulating, creative, and challenging environment.

Located at our beautiful new facility, our Hebrew School building houses classrooms, a library, and a spacious playground - all of which provide the proper atmosphere for learning and fun.

The Hebrew School welcomes families from all walks of life. Every member of the School staff wants your child to feel comfortable with our style and approach regardless of religious background or level of observance.

Marvel at your children’s enthusiasm as they actually look forward to this fun-filled Hebrew school. Here, they will absorb the richness of their heritage and Jewish values while they learn Hebrew reading, and writing, Jewish history, arts and crafts, Jewish theater, songs, and hands-on enrichment. Children from all religious backgrounds are welcome.

We Make it Real! We Make it Fun!

The success of a Hebrew school depends on two things: The genuine Hebrew and Judaic learning that takes place and the enthusiasm of the children who attend. The Hebrew School at Agudas Achim Chabad measures up on both counts. Parents continually comment that they could never imagine that their child would actually look forward to attending Hebrew school. As one parent told us: "I'm amazed that my children actually love Hebrew School. One day when they had to miss a class, they were so disappointed. — I think that speaks for itself."

What accounts for this success? Our Hebrew school delivers. Regardless of their religious background or level of observance, our students acquire a broad-based knowledge of Judaism in an appealing, action-packed, environment. Our teachers don't just give out the facts, they relate to the children individually and take a genuine interest in their personal success. Ulitmately, students learn and have a blast. What more could you want from a Hebrew school?

In addition to student enthusiasm, our curriculum provides another strong reason for our success. Not only do we promote Jewish values, our program offers in-depth teaching of the Hebrew Language (reading, writing and vocabulary), Torah studies, Jewish History, arts & crafts projects, and hands-on holiday enrichment (skits, songs, model Seders, Sukkah-making, menorah designing etc.).