Policies and Procedures

Care/Fee Information

Monument benches are permitted under the following  conditions: A separate plot must be purchased for the bench,  perpetual care must be purchased on the plot, the bench and  monument must be made of compatible material, and a  proper foundation must be installed.

Funeral arrangements are made through your chosen funeral  home, whom will coordinate burial needs with our  caretaker. It is necessary to own or purchase a cemetery plot  before or at time of burial. Purchase of Perpetual Care is  mandatory at or before time of burial. 

Please contact our caretaker for a complete list of burial  expenses and related cemetery fees.

Burials are limited to persons of the Jewish faith in  accordance with Jewish Halacha tradition.

Agudas Achim Cemetery is open six days a week and closed  on Saturday, during Sabbath, and for appropriate holidays.  Regular office hours are not observed on site. Voice mail has  been set up for incoming calls to the Cemetery office and all  calls are returned at the convenience of our Caretaker.

To make our cemetery safe and uniform with other are a  Jewish cemeteries, all existing concrete borders will be  removed over time from graves in the cemetery. New  concrete borders will not be permitted or installed.

Cremation burials are not permitted at Agudas Achim in  accordance with Jewish Halacha tradition.

Please contact our caretaker directly (and monument dealer)  to inform of a scheduled monument dedication. A minimum  of 30 days notice is requested.  Coordination of stone placement for dedication services is a  responsibility shared by monument company representatives  and the family.  Families may bring a white sheet covering for use in the  unveiling, if desired.

Annual flower care can be arranged through our  Caretaker. Care includes flowers, planting, weeding,  watering throughout the season, and removal of  flowers in the Fall. Flowers are selected for each site,  based on soil and weather conditions.

Please contact our Caretaker for a list of flower options.

· Individual Flowers (Geraniums & Dahlias). $ 8

· ½ Moon Flowers……………..……………... $35

· Flower Border ……………………….……… $45

· Full Grave Flowers……………………..…. $60

Cemetery plots can be purchased at a cost of $1,000 per  gravesite. All burials must be in accordance with Jewish  Halacha tradition. Please contact our caretaker for a map  of available sites locations and/or to schedule a viewing.

To purchase a monument, or an inscription for an  existing stone, our caretaker will be happy to refer a local  monument company.

The height of a headstone is limited to 48” and not to  exceed the width of 42” (single) or 96” (double). Larger  monuments must be reinforced with a steel doweling;  binding the base to the monument and require an extra  fee to be accessed. Please consult our caretaker, as  needed.

Our caretaker will install all monument foundations, as  ordered through a monument company. If a foundation  is not level or needs to be replaced, please contact our  caretaker to discuss necessary arrangements.

A cost of .85 per sq. inch will be charged for all  foundation orders, with a minimum order of $135. In  addition, the following cemetery permit fees will be  assessed. Appropriate payment to accompany all orders.

· $75 Single Marker

· $100 Double, Flush, Bevel, Slant, Monument

· $125 Bench

Foundation orders to be completed by caretaker within  90 days of receipt of order and payment, as received from  a licensed monument dealer. An increased fee may be  accessed for ‘rush’ orders, as requested by the family.  Placement of monument on poured foundation is shared  responsibility with Monument company and family.

To maintain upkeep of graves in the cemetery, we require  a minimum purchase of ½ Moon Sedum PC at time of  burial. The following care options are offered and includes  sedum plant(s), grass, maintenance of grave plot and all  open areas.

· ½ Moon Sedum PC..….……...………….$ 1,000

· Full Grave Sedum PC……………………$ 2,250

Care upgrades may be purchased at any time. Cost to  upgrade is determined by amount of care desired less cost  of existing care or cost paid for existing care.

To maintain grave upkeep, all grave plantings (e.g. annual  and perennials) must be ordered through and planted by  our caretaker. Unauthorized plantings will be removed  and discarded without notice.

No religious symbols other than those generally  recognized as traditionally Jewish are permitted on a  gravesite, monument, or hearse.

Please respect those buried at Agudas Achim Cemetery  and refrain from walking on the graves. Walking paths are  provided in between each row of graves. We appreciate  your consideration.

On-site restrooms will be open and accessible during  funerals, dedications (when informed of service), when  our Caretaker is on premises and as pre-arranged. Please  contact our Caretaker for code to the restrooms, if you will  be on site at another time.

For safety purposes, we request no glass pots, vases, or  containers be placed on or around gravesites. All such  items will be removed and discarded.

Vaults are discouraged. If desired, a $250 fee will be  assessed for placement. If then, vault must have holes in  the sides and bottom and be made of cement or material  able to deteriorate.