Agudas Achim Cemetery

Cherishing the traditions of our people and the memories of our loved ones

3690 E. College Avenue
Milwaukee, WI

Cemetery Chairman: Rabbi Motty Spalter (262) 242-7705
Cemetery Caretaker: Dawn Tryba (414) 762-2430

At the CAAC cemetery special attention is taken to give proper care and respect to the deceased.

Our sages tell us about the importance of treating the deceased in accordance with all the Halachic and traditional customs.

When choosing a Jewish Cemetery, consider extra expenses such as whether a vault is required. The Agudas Achim Cemetery does not require the use of a vault which can slow the separation of the soul from its physical bound past so it can enjoy its spiritual reward in the present.

Family and single plots are available; prepayment of perpetual care is welcome.

A new section of the cemetery was recently opened.