The charitable remainder trust is an effective way to make a gift to Peltz Center for Jewish Life while retaining the income benefits. When you make a gift of cash or appreciated securities to Peltz Center for Jewish Life, you (or you and another beneficiary) can choose to receive the income for life.

Charitable remainder trusts are individually managed and tailored to your specific needs. There are two types of charitable remainder trusts: an annuity trust and a unitrust.

An annuity trust lets you receive your annual income payments in a fixed dollar amount based on the value of your gift at the time you establish the trust.

A unitrust lets you receive annual income payments as an annual percentage of the trust's principal, computed from year to year.

Both trusts require by law that the percentage payment to you be no less than a specified percent — which is 5% of the initial fair market value for an annuity trust, and 5% of the trust property, valued annually, for a unitrust.

When you establish a charitable remainder trust with Peltz Center for Jewish Life, you receive an immediate tax deduction. The amount of the deduction is calculated by federal tables and includes factors such as the age(s) of the income beneficiarie(s), the rate of return of the lifetime income payments, and the value of the remainder interest Peltz Center for Jewish Life will receive. Depending on your individual income tax circumstances, in some limited situations the alternative minimum tax may be applicable.

After the term of the trust, the remainder assets are transferred to Peltz Center for Jewish Life as a permanent gift, thereby reminding Peltz Center for Jewish Life of your commitment to our mission in perpetuity.