Mazal Tov To the Graduates In Our Community!

There will be a special kiddush on Shabbos, June 1st
in honor of all the graduates in our community!

May Hashem protect and bless all of the graduates with tremendous
success in all their future endeavors, in good health and happiness!

Preschool and K5 Graduates

Amit Acuca - Jewish Beginnings

Moriah Amram - Bader Hillel Academy

Max Aringer - Mequon Jewish Preschool

Chana Luna Cohen - Mequon Jewish Preschool

Noah Goldman - Mequon Jewish Preschool

Chaya Hoffman - Bader Hillel Academy

Devora Lisker - Mequon Jewish Preschool

Yehuda Lotman - Mequon Jewish Preschool

Esther Munitz - Mequon Jewish Preschool

Vera Otto - Mequon Jewish Preschool

Shmuel Plotke - Mequon Jewish Preschool

Aiden Simanson - Mequon Jewish Preschool

Chenchie Tiefenbrun - Mequon Jewish Preschool

Samantha Vilinsky - Bader Hillel Academy


Elementary/Middle school

Avigail Amram - Bader Hillel Academy

Zachary Bakalinsky - Lake Shore Middle School

Daniel Dayan - Lake Shore Middle School

Gefalia Hoffman - Bader Hillel Academy

Hannnah Knell - Bader Hillel Academy

Menachem Luchins - Bader Hillel Acaemy

Sima Rapoport - Bader Hillel Academy

Avremel Schwartz - Bader Hillel Academy



High School

Kayala Chamoy - The Summit School, Queens NY

Mendy Mandelbaum - Bader Hillel High

Chana Rapoport - Beth Rivkah

Rochie Spalter - Beth Rivkah

Mushkie Schwartz - Homestead High School

Izzy Mauerman - Nicolet High School

Shemi Siegel - Homestead High School



Ellie Bakalinsky - Marquette University

Anna Gilgur - University of Southern California

Ariel Leykin - UW Madison

Teah Marks - University of Minnesota


And Beyond.. .

Nathalie Tick - Masters in Speech Pathology from Touro