Every ONE Counts!

Can you imagine a one-stop shop,
providing every Jewish need for an entire city?! 

Well, there’s actually no need to imagine.
Just take a look at the Peltz Center for Jewish Life, and you will see this in action.
We’re talking about Tefillin, Mezuzas, Synagogue, Kosher food, inspirational Rabbis
and a plethora of programs and events for every age-group and demographic!
This is a powerhouse of an organization, making an impact on a mega scale! 

This is really no exaggeration. Our annual Jewish food festival attracts thousands
of people each day, who come from far and wide to get a taste of some delicious
and authentic Kosher food, while discovering the meaning and beauty of Jewish life.

The impact of the Peltz Center within the city of Mequon itself is immense.
Literally every single Jewish person in Mequon, from the age of 1 to 120, is provided a
host of opportunities to connect with their fellow Jews and their beautiful heritage.

From the cute little toddlers in our preschool, to the wise and beloved seniors
at our luncheons. From the excited children in our Hebrew School, to the families who
enjoy our Jewish-themed fundays. From the lively teenagers in our C-teen chapter,
to adults of all ages who join our classes and social events.

This year is a year of Hakhel - a year of Jewish unity. It is a year when we are charged
with an additional mission to gather, unite and inspire the Jewish people around us
at every possible opportunity. The
Peltz Center for Jewish Life has jumped onto the
Hakhel bandwagon, and has stepped up its efforts to unite every Meq-ONE
through lots of exciting new initiatives.


Just this past year alone, we opened a beautiful Jewish Discovery Center in Cedarburg.
A fantastic location for people of all religious backgrounds to come learn,
explore and discover about the Jewish religion and culture, in a comfortable
and welcoming atmosphere. In addition, we expanded the services of our

in-house Kosher Deli, which provides kosher delicacies to people of all backgrounds. 

On Chanukah this year, we stepped up a gear, uniting in style at the Annex at Foxtown.
The unprecedented joy and unity at this elegant celebration, inspired hundreds of people,
who soaked in the light of Chanukah,along with the great vibes at this modern venue. 

Our impact on the city of Mequon is driven by the firm belief that every Meq-ONE counts,
and that every Jewish person deserves a piece of their beautiful heritage.
Over the last 41 years we have inspired and connected thousands of Jewish people,
and we continue to power onwards and upwards by increasing our impact
on our fellow Jews throughout Mequon and beyond.

Please join us in this mega campaign as we make it count for every Meq-ONE. 

This Sunday and Monday!



Details coming soon!