Around the year, CAAC organizes an array of programs for both young and old, many of them in association with the Mequon Outreach Center:

Youth Activities (Building our future - one child at a time):

There are several youth programs at CAAC.

Youth Minyan - Girls and boys between the ages of 8 and 12 are invited to take part in this educational and fun Minyan. Children learn to participate in prayer by improving their reading skills and understanding the laws and customs pertaining to prayer. Children involved in Youth Minyan go on periodic trips.

Learning Development Program for boys (Chassidus Club) - Boys ages 5 - 14 meet twice a wekk after school for extra learning and exploration of Chassidic history, traditions, customs and lessons.

Bat Mitzvah Club - Each month, girls aged 11 to 12 meet to learn about and discover the special role of a Jewish woman. The girls gain a true appreciation of what it means to be a Bat Mitzvah.

The Jewish Thing! - For teenage girls ages 14 - 17 - they meet once a month to discuss issues facing today's Jewish youth, to go on outings and celebrate Jewish life.

Hebrew School - Unlike other Hebrew Schools where children can’t wait to go home, at CAAC, children love to learn and learn to love. Our fast growing Hebrew School is open for registration year round. CAAC also offers Bar/Bat-Mitzvah lessons (as well as post Bar/Bat Mitzvah classes).

For more information, call Rabbi Moshe Rapoport, at 262 242 2235 Ext. 204.

Family Programs (A Community Built Around The Jewish Family):

Sukkah Fest - A fun filled afternoon for the entire family. A delicious barbecued dinner in the CAAC Sukkah, "the biggest Sukkah in the county" while the children create their own beautiful arts and crafts or jump around in the "moon walk". Fresh popcorn, soda, and cotton candy add to the festive atmosphere.

Chanukah Roller Skating Party - Every Chanukah, the entire Agudas Achim Chabad family gets together for an exciting Roller Skating party. To the fast beat of Jewish music, children and adults skate around the rink, have fun, and compete in races. A delicious homemade meal, including piping hot potato latkes, is served.

Tu B'shvat Celebration - Children of all ages compete in a Family Feud Game show, with questions on Jewish History, the bible and Holidays. Followed by a "create your own edible tree" competition.

Purim Parties - On Purim we have two Purim parties. One for the entire family, with music, balloons, refreshments, and great entertainment, (clown, juggler or magician). Every child in a costume walks away with a prize. The second program is a Purim dinner for adults. Everyone comes in costume and the entire Shul is decorated,. Every year we have another theme (past themes include the wild west, outer space, the far east, and beneath the sea). The star entertainer is usually the Rabbi, who sings, and acts to the delight of the crowd. This is not an event you want to miss.

Pesach Seder - To join a Pesach seder, contact the Rabbi.

Lag B'omer Picnic - An afternoon of music, refreshments, and entertainment. There may even be an Upshernus (hair cutting ceremony) to celebrate.

Shavuos Ice Cream Party - As it is very important for children to be present at the reading of the Ten Commandments, each year there is an Ice Cream Party for all children under the age of Bar\Bat Mitzvah. Parents are also urged to attend services and listen to the reading of the Ten Commandments. Children are a very important part of the Shavuos holiday, because in the year 2448 - when G‑d gave the Torah to the Jewish people - the children were the Guarantors for the Torah Moshe (Moses) promised G‑d that the Jewish children of each generation would be taught the Torah, and G‑d accepted that as a guarantee that the Torah would be cherished and used forever.

Women's Rosh Chodesh Group - This group meets monthly to celebrate each new Hebrew month. Meetings feature refreshments, entertainment, learning and open discussions on contemporary topics. Past programs have included cooking and lectures by prominent women. Gatherings are informal and are open to all women.

Women's Shabbat Class - During the summer months, meet every Shabbat afternoon at the home of a congregant to learn, socialize, and rest.

There are additional programs that take place during the year. To keep yourself informed of all the ongoing activities, ask to have your name put on our mailing list.