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Providing a complete adult education program
at all levels, for people of all backgrounds.

The Mequon Torah Center was created as an advanced Adult Education initiative at the Peltz Center for Jewish Life, under which all adult educational opportunities are offered.  It serves as a Mequon community resource for traditional Jewish education at all levels, for people of all backgrounds. Through group classes, one on one study and special seminars, students can access a wide variety of learning opportunities to discover the wealth of Jewish knowledge accumulated over the centuries. 

We are thrilled to have Rabbi Dov (Doobie) Lisker as the Educational Director of the Mequon Torah Center! Prior to his arrival, Rabbi Lisker had just completed a four-year educational fellowship in Melbourne, Australia, focusing on in-depth study and Halachic research with an emphasis on community education.

Joined by his wife, Mushka and their two daughters Sara, and Devora, Rabbi Lisker directs the Mequon Torah Center in offering educational opportunities for synagogue and community members alike. Classes and educational programs will cater to advanced and intermediate students as well as those new to Torah study with no prior knowledge or background required.

Please participate in Torah study by attending a class, a lecture or a one-on-one study partnership. Classes cover a wide range of topics, from beginner to advanced levels.

Classes can be held in the comfort of your own home, office or at the Peltz Center for Jewish Life.

Contact  Rabbi Doobie to start a class or for more information.


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