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A Mitzvah for Zevi

Friday, 7 June, 2013 - 12:38 pm

One of the meanigful ways we can honor Zevi, is by doing a good deed, a Mitzvah or an act of kindness in his memory.

With all of the pain that Zevi had in the worst days of his illness, he put on Tefillin every day. And, when he was too weak or in too much pain to do so himself, his friends (usually Rabbi Samuels) helped him to put them on.

Please take a Miztvah that you start to do, or increase on the quality or qualntity of the Mitzvah - and do it for Zevi. 

Some nice ideas include, putting on Tefillin, lighting Shabbos candles, putting up (or checking) Mezuzahs, starting a class in Torah study, making kiddush Friday Night, going to Shul, making a blessing before or after you eat, giving charity or visiting someone is who is not well.  

Make your choice. Post what mitzvah you will adding or improving - and encourage others to do the same.  

Comments on: A Mitzvah for Zevi

Eta wrote...

After the the mosei shabbos levayah I was moved to ask my virtual network to do a mitzvah in honor of Zevi. I didn't do a lot to promote, but I did receive the following responses:

Esther Rivkah Telsner: Zevi was a very positive and upbeat person in his zchus I will make a conscious effort to be more positive and look for the good in life and not the bad.

Bracha Bard Wigdor: I pledged a certain amount of Tzedakah today. 90% of it with his name in mind. I will also try to help 3 new people, in any aspect of their life.

Chava Levin: For the next 30 days, the two sets of halahchos I learn Daily

Eta Duboff: Chitas for the week of Shiva

Yossi Duboff: say Tehillim Perek 32 for the week of Shiva

Leah Robbins: Learning all three parts of Chitas

Avigaiyal Tabor (Chaya's daughter) is giving Tzedakah everyday until the shloshim

Brina Sachs Gonzalez: To be better about bentching during the week.

Dan Myers wrote...

Why were our prayers for Zevi not answered? I think we are all tempted to ask this question.Google -All prayers answered Schochet- for a Chabad response to this by Jacob Immanuel Schochet. My mitzvah will be to say more prayers.

menachem mendel silver wrote...