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Zevi Silver, OBM

Zevi Silver has been a dedicated member of our community and dear friend to so many for 8 years. At the young age of 31, after suffering a difficult illness, he passed away, leaving behind his loving wife Shani and their four beautiful children, Chaiky, Mendy, Sruli and Tzuri.

This was so Zevi

As I think back to some of the typical Zevi moments, I remember a particular evening about four years ago when Zevi was in the hospital and a few of the guys from the Shul were sitting with him and talking. After a while (it was about 8:30 PM) he commented that he was really tired and wiped out, and wanted to go to sleep.. 

As we were leaving, two women from our shul walked in to visit Zevi. Before we could say a word and explain that Zevi was exhausted and wanted to go to sleep, Zevi sat up in his bed, put on a fresh face, and asked them to come in.. and thanked them for coming.... and began shmoozing with them...

This was typical Zevi - he forgot that he was the patient, and did not have to play the host... but Zevi valued each person and appreciated their coming to visit him...

Need I say more...  

A Mitzvah for Zevi

One of the meanigful ways we can honor Zevi, is by doing a good deed, a Mitzvah or an act of kindness in his memory.

With all of the pain that Zevi had in the worst days of his illness, he put on Tefillin every day. And, when he was too weak or in too much pain to do so himself, his friends (usually Rabbi Samuels) helped him to put them on.

Please take a Miztvah that you start to do, or increase on the quality or qualntity of the Mitzvah - and do it for Zevi. 

Some nice ideas include, putting on Tefillin, lighting Shabbos candles, putting up (or checking) Mezuzahs, starting a class in Torah study, making kiddush Friday Night, going to Shul, making a blessing before or after you eat, giving charity or visiting someone is who is not well.  

Make your choice. Post what mitzvah you will adding or improving - and encourage others to do the same.  

A week has gone by

A week has passed since we received the painful news that Zevi had passed away. It was Friday afternoon, just moments before Shabbos.

During the past seven days I have spent much time thinking about Zevi. The many great and enjoyable times that we studied, talked, or sat together at a Farbrengen or making the Cholent. I also thought about the painful moments in his life, in particular when his illness caused him great pain, and his knowledge that he would not be there for his children as they grew up. In both good times and in difficult ones, Zevi always had an unusually positive attitude to life and a profound sensitivity to others. 

This blog was set up for all of us to share memories, inspirations and special moments with Zevi that continue to inspire us.


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