Light Refreshments, Followed by a Chassidic Farbrengen 

rebbe.gifFor more than forty years, the Rebbe led the Jewish people towards a spiritual renaissance out of the ashes of the Holocaust and the specter of assimilation. 

The Rebbe revolutionized the way we think of ourselves as people.

He taught us to think of the Jewish people as a single whole, as a community in which every individual is irreplaceable, and to embrace every Jew with the same concern and devotion.

He revolutionized the way we think of ourselves as individuals.

The Rebbe nourished the "inner leader" of tens of thousands - homemakers, academics, politicians, and students alike - who responded to his clarion call or personal urgings to uplift their surroundings with the light of yiddishkeit and holiness.

Almost 20 years after his passing, his spirit and message are stronger and more influential than ever, brining about more education, more involved Jews, more action, more caring.  And more life.

As we approach the Rebbe's 19th Yahrzeit, Jews throughout the world will gather to be inspired by the Rebbe's guidance and passion that so dramatically energized and reshaped the Jewish landscape.

Join us.

Because every Jew counts.