Purim Dinner In The Wild West


YOU ARE WANTED to join a Purim Dinner in the Wild West!

We are fixin' to have Purim out West! So, be you cow poke, rancher or cattle rustler,
saddle up your party horse and celebrate with us at the A-OK CFJL Ranch!!

Enjoy saloon specials, live band, full dinner of the finest grub,
Plus special entertainment, activities and crafts for children

Bring your family to this Wild West Purim Dinner!!

Come in your finest western (or ANY) outfit!

Cost: $20 per adult, $16 per child (Max of $78 per family).

  Purim 1.jpg 

  RSVP For the Dinner!

Cost: $20 per adult, $16 per child (Max of $78 per family)