Wandering SOULS, Wandering CANDLES: A True Story
Wednesday, August 11 at 7:00 PM

Growing up behind the Iron Curtain of the USSR,  Maestro Israel Edelson knew next to nothing
about his Jewish heritage as he worked alongside renowned conductor  Maestro Leonard Bernstein
as assistant conductor. But in a series of 'nothing-is-as-strange-as-real-life' events, a chance encounter
with the  Lubavitcher Rebbe made it clear he was to him that his search would take him deeper than music alone. 

An all-original production, "Wandering SOULS, Wandering CANDLES: A True Story" shares this deeply personal
and soul-glistening story of wandering and purpose. A film accompanies the LIVE PERFORMANCE of Edelson,
a gifted pianist, as he performs his sparkling interpretations of the songs that inspired his journey
- together
reliving a story that will resonate with all of us who have 'wandered' a day or two in our lives.

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