Mazal Tov to all those in the CFJL Community
who graduated and made significant achievements! 


Graduated From Preschool

Chaim Boruch Duboff from Mequon Jewish Preschool
Max Hoyt from Kennedy Elementary School
Yosef Knell from Mequon Jewish Preschool
Mendel Munitz from Mequon Jewish Preschool
Miriam Faiga Plotke from Mequon Jewish Preschool
Zalman Rapoport from Mequon Jewish Preschool
Esther Tiefenbrun from Mequon Jewish Preschool


From 8th Grade

Gavi Bushee from Bader Hillel Academy
Noam Hellman from Bader Hillel Academy
Tovah Mauermann from Glen Hills Middle School
Jada Smith from Bader Hillel Academy


Graduated High School:

Yehoshua Betancourt from Bader Hillel High
Yonatan Buchnik from Nicolet High School

Ari Graupe from Homestead High School
Dovi Mandelbaum from Bader Hillel High
Eve Marks from Homestead High School
Yossi Schutkin 
from Homestead High School
Ben Usatinsky from Homestead High School
Daniel Zelenovskiy from Homestead High School

Graduated from College

Liora Bushee Bachelor of Arts from Goucher College
Talia Eiseman from UW with a Major in Health Promotion and Equity
Zach Ginkel from University of Syracuse

Charlie Met from University of Rochester
Sydney Salama from Alverno College
Nathalie Tick Bachelors from Touro



Chana Bushee Doctor of Medicine from Medical College of WI
Seth Eiseman from Brown with a Masters in Design Engineering

Miryam Lakritz Masters Degree, Columbia Teachers College
Dr. Dovid Chaim Maiman MBA with distinction from UW Parkside
Yossef Vainstein from Concordia University Pharmacy School
Anya Verkhovskaya, MBA from Brown University