Nine Days! 48 Sukkahs! 170 sets of Lulav & Esrog!! 

Sukkahs & Lulavs 
What an incredible celebration of Sukkos and Simchas Torah!! So many families in the community participated in this year's events! Chabad of Mequon sold and distributed 170 sets of Lulav & Esrog this year!!! More than 45 Sukkahs were built in our community. Check them out here.

sukkos 450 1.jpg

Packed House
Each day of the holiday, the shul was packed with men, women and children and many guests who had come to Mequon for the Holidays. The services were lively and filled with song, the feeling and joy of Yom Tov was in the air. Due to the large crowd, it took extra effort to include everyone in the cutsomary circling of the Bima with the Lulav & Esrog each day.

Sukkah Hopping 
On the first day of Sukkos, there was a fun-filled and entertaining Sukkah hop for the children. In the afternoon many adults walked to various homes across the community to share the Miztvah of Lulav & Esrog. Fun Sukkahs to visit, included the huge CFJL Sukkah and the mini MJP Sukkah for the vertically limited!!

Hebrew School Fair 
On Sunday the Hebrew School had a hands on Sukka Fair in the Huge CFJL Sukkah. The children got to experience the many customs, traditionsm flavors and sensations of the Sukkos! The stations were run by the 7th and 8th grade sudents who did an outstanding job of running the program. Here are the pictures.

sukkos 450 5.jpg

Homestead - Mobile Sukkah
During the intermidiate days, there was a rocking Mobile Sukkah that was set up near Homestead for the Jewish students. Each day more than 40 teens came to shake the Lulav & Esrog and enjoy a lunch (Pizza, sushi, schwarma and grilled hot dogs and wings). Lively music and tons of snacks made it all more enoyable! Check out the pictures here.

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Mini Parties
Each night of sukkos, there was mini Sukka celebration at another Sukkah in our community. Thank you to the following homes that hosted the Sukkah parties: Maiman, Met, Schutkin, Chamoy, Millicovsky, Katz, Graupe, Marks.

On Monday evening was the grand Sukkah-Fest Celebration!! More than 350 pounds of chicken and 300 hot dogs were enjoyed by the festive crowd! Thank you David Cocos for the delicious Rotisserie chicken! Children and adults had a blast, enjoyed gread food and fulfilled the Mitzvah of Lulav & Esrog at this popular annual event! The brave The highlight was the entertaining and dazzling show by TJ Howell and his son!
 See the pictures right here.

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Simchas Torah
The Second days of Sukkos - Shmini Atzeres & Simchas Torah - saw the excitement increase with packed crowds and lively dancing. Wednesday evening began with lots of dancing, and a dinner in the sukkah. The light rain could not hamper the spirit! Over 200 adults and children attended the Thursday night celebration that began with a delicious kiddush. The children enjoyed an awesome and eye-popping show by the famous magician David Seebach. After the Kiddush there was a very special Hakafos dedicated to the IDF. Gabi led the singing and dancing that literally shook the building! For the 3rd Hakafah the Torahs were all held by those who had served in the IDF and the energy level and the dancing was incredible!

All in all, it was a most wonderful and beautiful Yom Tov!! Thank you to everyone for making this Holiday so enjoyable!