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This Web site is another of our educational and social service programs which are designed to make Judaism an accessible reality to all Jews, regardless of affiliation or background. The kind and generous support of friends and members helps us to continue our work in strengthening Jewish identity, pride and awareness.Yartzheit Plaquesor Leaves on the Tree of Lifeare the perfect way to commemorate a life cycle event or to remember a loved one.Sponsoring a kiddushis a great way to celebrate a special date or to remember the memory of a loved one.Sponsor a holiday program (Sukka-Fest, Chanukah Skating party, Purim Party etc.)

Placing an ad in the Jewish Art Calendarreaches the growing Jewish community in Mequon and the surrounding area.

A pledge to the Building Fundcan honor the living or perpetuate the memory of loved ones, while participating in the strengthening of the unbreakable chain of our people.

Support our Annual Dinnerwith your attendanceand/or by taking out an ad in the Tribute Book.

Donating Funds Before Year EndThe end of the year is when many reflect on their financial picture. At this time, you may want to consider making a charitable gift in a way that benefits both you and CAAC.

The following are ideas to consider (although believed to be accurate, CAAC does not warrant the accuracy of this information and recommends you seek advice from competent counsel):You can reduce your taxes by contributing a portion of your income or assets to CAAC. If you itemize your deductions, amounts given can be deducted from your income and thus freed from being taxed. The higher your tax bracket, the more you save.

In order to enjoy tax savings for your gifts this year, they must be completed by December 31.Gifts of certain assets, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that have increased in value, can provide tax savings. If you have owned such assets over a year, you can deduct their entire value from your taxable income, including any paper profits. The capital gains tax on assets given for charitable use is avoided entirely - in addition to the regular tax savings realized as a result of the gift. This double tax savings is why many people choose to make their gifts in this way.We appreciates your support!