Adult Education

There are range of classes available, from learning to read Hebrew to Chasidic philosophy, from Holiday laws to the weekly Torah portion. In some cases, separate classes are available for men and women.

The schedules vary, for the schedule of a particular class, click here .

We also have a wonderful lecture series. Current or recent classes include:

The Yiddish Class - Discover "Mameh Loshon" the language of our parents. You wil be surprised how quicky you pick up this sweet soulful language.

Basic Judaism - Discuss the Jewish daily, weekly, and yearly life cycle. A General overview of how to live as a Jew according to the Torah law.

Holidays - Learn the laws and customs associated with each upcoming holiday.

The Haftorah - Become an expert (or at least pretty good) at reading the Hatorah. All graduates get to pick one Hafotoah to read at the conclusion of this series.

Weekly Torah Portion - Reading the bible may be easy, but understanding it is no simple matter, We will study the text in the original, together with the classical commentaries.

Insights Into The Weekly Torah Portion - An overview into the weekly reading of the Torah portion, taking out lessons in our lives today, with a Chassidic perspective.

Jewish Law - Learning the deeper meanings to the Jewish way of life.

Introduction to Hebrew - This class will start from scratch to help students learn how to read and understand the Hebrew language.

Prayer - Know when and why to stand up or sit down. This class will cover the structure of the daily and holiday services. Selected prayers will be studied in more detail.

Jewish Ethics - Pirke Avot (the Ethics of the Fathers) are full of important teachings. Their wisdom is to help a person correct his/her character to be worthy to receive the Torah. That is why we learn Pirkei Avot before Shavuot. We continue to learn Pirkei Avot during the summer in preparation for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Hashem gave Moshe the second set of Tablets on Yom Kippur.

Tanya - Jewish Mysticism - A study of the spiritual stature of the Jew and the relationship between his intellectual, emotional, and spiritual attributes; the Creation of the world and man's place in the cosmos; and G-D the creator, as the essence and living force in Creation.

Legends of the Talmud - Ayn Yaccov is a compilation of stories from Talmudic times.

Mishnah and Talmud - Basic and advanced studies of the oral law. Currently, tractate Shabbos is being studied.

Classes are at the Shul or at the homes of congregants. One on one classes in the comfort of your own home are also available.

Kollel Erev - Monday - Wednesday evenings at 8:30 for men; Torah, Mishnah and Tanya study with several classes to choose from, or study with a partner.

For Women Only - Monday evenings at 8:30 for women. Basic issues in Judaism. Guest speakers on Rosh Chodesh (the new month).

For more information (or to suggest additional classes), please call (414) 242-2235, or contact us.