This year will certainly be different than previous years. The Hakafos will be modified, significantly shorter, with a limited attendance, plus there will NOT be a kiddush this year before Hakafos. Though many of the regulars will not be attending services in person, nevertheless the opportunity to purchase the "honors" of the Simchas Torah services is available to EVERYONE. If you will not be in Shul, you can still bestow that honor on someone else on your behalf, and at the same time help provide important funding for our shul. This year, once again, the bidding will be done online - right here - in advance.
This year for the main Simchas Torah Day service, we will have two simultaneous services - one minyan will be in the Chamoy Sanctuary, and one minyan outside in the Tent (weather permitting).  
The bidding will conclude at 10:00 PM, on Thursday night - Oct. 8, 2020.