The Zevi Silver Mezuzah Project

Dedicated to the complete recovery of
Binyomin Zev Ben Tzivia Hinda -
Zevi Silver 


Dear Friends,

As you probably know, there is a very dear member of our community, Zevi Silver, who is going through an extremely significant challenge to his health. As his friends and as members of the community, we all want to do something practical to help Zevi in his time of need.

There is something very simple and significant that you can do right away, that can make a real difference to Zevi's health. One of the basic concepts of our Holy Torah is, that all Jewish people are connected and are essentially one “People,” and that the actions and conduct of one individual affects all of the Jewish people.

In light of the above we are reintroducing one of the Rebbe’s original Mitzvah Campaigns: The Mezuzah Campaign. We are asking each and every individual and family to participate in this powerful Mitzvah in the hope and belief that through this effort we will open a new channel of blessing to give Zevi a complete recovery along with many more years of good health with his wife and children.

The inspiration for this Campaign has been the following letter written by the Rebbe after the Entebbe hijacking in July, 1976: 

.. ."G‑d has given our people a special gift where with to protect the home, namely, the Mitzvah of Mezuzah. Our Sages declare explicitly that "the home is protected by it (the Mezuzah)." Moreover, this protection embraces the members of the household also when they go out of the house, as it is written, "G‑d will guard your going and your coming from now and forever"  . . . Let it also be remembered that inasmuch as all Jews constitute one body, and are bound up with one another, every Mezuzah is a Divine protection not only for the individual home, with everybody and everything in it, but each additional kosher Mezuzah that is affixed on a doorpost of any Jewish home, anywhere, adds to the protection of all our people everywhere."

Please participate in this effort by either putting up a Mezzuah in your home where it is needed, by having your existing Mezuzahs checked, or by encouraging a family member or friend to do the same. To learn more about this project, or to have your Mezuzah checked please call (262) 242 2235 ext. 204.

Click here to go to the campaign page.

With prayers for good health to each and every individual,


Rabbi Dovid Rapoport


PS We have a large stock of Mezuzahs etc. so please let me me know if you need a Mezuzah for your home, or if you would like to buy a Mezuzah for a friend.