The Zevi Silver Mezuzah Project

Dedicated to the memory of our dear friend 
Binyomin Zev Ben Avrohom Yosef -
Zevi Silver



The mission of the Mezuzah Project is to reintroduce the Rebbe’s Mezuzah Campaign to the community, and to elicit G‑d's blessing of a speedy recovery and continued good health for Zevi Silver.

This project includes:


  • Making Mezuzahs accessible to every home in the Jewish community.
  • An offer to check existing Mezuzahs - for those homes that already have Mezuzahs.
  • A series of Mezuzah education classes.
  • Printing of brochures and instructional material about this Mitzvah.
  • Having a Sofer (scribe) come visit and do a workshop about Mezuzahs.


To learn more about this important Mitzvah and how your Mitzvah can affect another person's help, click here.

The Peltz Center for Jewish has ordered a large stock of Mezuzahs. If you would like order a Mezuah for yourself or would like to purchase a Mezuzah for a friend, please let us know.


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