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The Peltz Center for Jewish Life

Hakhel Torah

Uniting Our Community With the Writing of a Unity Torah!

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Make sure to be at the Evening of Dedication and Inspiration
On Wednesday, June 29, as we mark 22 years since his passing.

The evening sponsored by Lubavitch of Wisconsin will be held at
The Peltz Center for Jewish Life and will feature guest speaker, Rabbi Moshe Bryski from California.

WHAT THIS IS: In honor of this being a year of Hakhel (unity), a Special Torah Scroll
is being written to unite
In honor of this being a Hakhel Year, a special Torah scroll is currently
being written to unite all those who have been touched by the Rebbe through his Shluchim in Wisconsin.
Our goal is to include every member of the community in this Torah, so please designate one letter
for each member of your family. It is customary to pay a token $1.00 per letter!

WHY ARE WE DOING THIS : The Rebbe has spoken so much about doing whatever we can
to unite the Jewish people in a year of Hakhel. He encouraged each community and each organization to
find ways to unite in the spirit of strengthening the study of Torah and observing of Mitzvahs.
WHAT DO WE NEED FROM YOU: Please help us get in touch with every single individual
and family that has been a part of this community, and help us make this a true Hakhel Torah, an absolute
Torah of Unity! Call the CFJL office for more information or email
.Stay tuned for more information about this special project in honor of this special year!
HOW MUCH DOES IT COST: This is NOT a fundraiser. The writing of the Torah
is being sponsored by Rabbi Dovid and Rebbetzin Fagie Rapoport in honor of our community!
It is appropriate for each person to give $1.00 to officially purchase their letter.
SECURITY FOR ISRAEL: In 1981 when Iraq was working on their nuclear weapons,
the Rebbe spoke about this threat and went on to emphasize that true peace in the world is accomplished
through unity. The Rebbe said, “we now live in a world rent with confusion and turmoil … Nowadays, even
a single deranged, demented, or frustrated individual who has access to a destructive button or trigger can upset
an entire region or country. … Such unprecedented chaos must be countered with unique measures.”
The Rebbe explained that the way to combat this, through writing a Torah that
would unite all Jewish children, and that the unity achieved through the children’s Torah – in addition to
taking the natural steps necessary to achieve peace – would ensure peace in Israel and across the world.
(A few weeks later, Israeli air force pilots launched an attack against the Iraqi nuclear facility at Osirak.)
Today, once again we can use the additional blessing and power of unity through the writing of a
unity Torah to bring additional safety and security to the Jewish people in Israel and around the world.