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Adult Education Classes

Adult Education Classes


Torah Studies Adult Education - Weekly Classes




The Mequon Torah Center is dedicated to providing a complete program of adult education classes
to all Jews in the Mequon area. Please participate in Torah study by attending a class,
a lecture or a one-on-one study partnership. Classes cover a wide range of topics, from beginner
to advanced levels. Classes can be held in the comfort of your own home, office or at the
Peltz Center for Jewish Life. For more information about other classes offered at the Mequon Torah Center, please call (262) 242-2235.

11:30 AM Juda ism 101 for Women - Get the basics
on Jewish life in a comfortable discussion with Rivkie Spalter

7:00 PM Torah Studies
Advanced text based course on the weekly Torah portion,
by Rabbi Menachem Rapoport

8:00 PM The Chassidic perspective for Women
The Chassidic dimension of the week, by Dinie Rapoport

10:00 AM introduction to the Tanya
(For women) by Rabbi Yoseph Samuels

12:45 PM Lunch & Learn - Enjoy a class on the weekly
Torah portion or current events, while enjoying a delicious lunch.
Class by Rabbi Moshe Rapoport

7:15 PM Pract ical Jewish Law - A comprehensive
study of Jewish laws and customs that affect our lives,
by Rabbi Moshe Rapoport.

10:15 AM Speak Yiddish Like your Bubbie!
(For women) by Rabbi Dovid Rapoport

7:00 PM Modern Hebrew Language Class
(For men & women) by Tamar Heifetz

7:15 PM Talmud Class - Tractate Brachot!
Study the Talmud from
the text in an easy to understand and enjoyable format,
by Rabbi Motty Spalter.

a twenty-minute video presentation on the weekly
Torah Portion and current holidays by the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

8:50 AM The Chassidic Approach
Advanced study (for men and women) by Rabbi Moshe Rapoport

Shabbos afternoon ladies’ gathering
Each week the class is held at another home in the neighborhood.
(April - September)

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